After blowing two tires on our 5th wheel travel trailer, we limped into a KOA Campground and the new owner referred us to either Goodyear or Ed Chaney Tire Center in Meridian, MS. Discovered Goodyear has discontinued the ST205-75R15 tire and no adequate load range substitute was by found by that dealer. When I asked them to put on their "solution hat" they also referred us to Ed Chaney Tire Center two blocks away. We went there and met Kaleb. He quickly confirmed the size of tire we blew was not available in the appropriate load range and taught us how we could opt for a ST225-75R/10 if wheel well clearances allowed it. Because we no longer trusted the two tires that hadn't blown, we ordered four new tires per Kaleb's advice. They arrived 20 hours later. When Kaleb mounted two of the new tires, he looked up the manufacturing date code on the old tires and discovered our old tires may have been purchased by us TWO years ago, but they were manufactured FIVE years ago. We were wondering why our old tires may have failed, and for me, discovering they were three years older than we knew cinched our decision to replace all four of them. Thank you so much, Kaleb, for your successful efforts to find our solution! According to my internet research, you were right on, your price is competitive, and your friendly demeanor made our use of your service an outstanding experience. Follow your dream son! You have what it takes!

-Larry Skaines

I was recently passing thru Meridian, had a blowout tire on my Porsche. AAA auto was of no help, I contacted Kaleb with my tire issues. As this tire is very rare and usually has to be special ordered. I explained my situation, Kaleb was very professional and friendly, trying to help fix my problem. I would say he went beyond what I expected and was able to find a replacement tire to get me back on the road. Kaleb is definitely an asset to your company. If I lived in the area I would be doing business with your company on regular basis for all my auto needs. Also, in my haste to get on the road, I didnt notice that a wheel emblem had come off, and the staff contacted me that they had it and would mail it to me, which I received within 2 days of this call. GREAT JOB TO THE WHOLE STAFF FOR GOING THE EXTRA MILE, to get a stranded motorist back on his journey...Thanks so much....Stuart

-Stuart Kassler

Excellent! Fair price and outstanding service. Kaleb is an excellent sales rep!

-John Kerstiens

I had 4 tires and wheels put on my Challenger. The staff was remarkably knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Kaleb helped me through the process from start to finish offering honest and sound advise. Walter worked with the highest level of care and attention to detail one could expect. It was very apparent that Kaleb, Walter, and the crew at Ed Chaney Tire genuinely cared about the work they performed and even stayed past closing time to finish my car to fit my schedule. Thank you! I highly recommend Ed Chaney Tire Center!

-Breyer Houston

These are the most helpful and best bunch of guys. They do the job and get it right, even if what they are fixing wasn't their fault. Thanks Kaleb, bobby, and every one else whom worked on my BMW!!

-Walter Skudlarek

I went there with a brand new set of powder coated wheel and new tires. They were extremely professional and knowledgable. Their technician treated the wheels like new born babies. They did a great job, not a single scratch on any of the wheels. Kaleb is a great guy and genuinely cares about his work. Walter did the mounting and he took his time and did the job correctly. Another technician even hopped in and started to get them balanced after he was done with his previous project. Very friendly staff and great service with fair prices. A+ shop

-Joshua Soboti

I had bought two Michelin LTX MS2 tires from a place called OK Tire Store in Tuscaloosa AL. These were installed on a 2012 3500HD dually GMC Sierra front end. The store seemed ok but they seem to be in a hurry. I had to tell them not to use the impact to put the plastic center caps back on and asked them to be careful of the alloy rims even when they balanced them. After leaving there the truck seemed to drive fine but half way back to Meridian, MS on I-20 I noticed the steering wheel shaking the same way as if you apply the brakes with warped rooters. Now this truck only has 44,000 miles on it and was not doing this until the new tires were installed. So I reviewed online what others had to say and many stated to find a tire center that had a Hunter Road Force Balancer. So I called around Meridian and found Ed Chaney Tire Center Inc. They said they could help me out. When I showed up I met Kaleb. He said they would either get them to balance correctly or if a tire is bad replace it. I felt like good once I leave this place I will be back to normal. Well Walter started with the left side Driver and first checked how far it was out the way it was installed. It had 44 lbs of road force and the weights were off as well balance. So Walter was able to get it fixed only after rotating the tire on the rim and rebalancing it. He was able to get it from 44 to 14 and less weight as well. The right side passenger side was not bad it was at 12 lbs of road force but the weight was incorrect as well. He just rebalanced it. I have since drove about 75 + miles and the truck is driving as new again. Overall I was pleased on the service from Kaleb and the care of my truck from Walter. Walter treated my truck as if it was his own. I would recommend Ed Chaney Tire Center Inc for those that want more of that one on one and the respect that you deserve. Once again Thank you to Kaleb and to Walter for your professionalism.

-Robert Reichert

I stopped at this place to get tires and they made more effort to get them and put them on my motorhome with exemplary service. People honest and courteous here.

-Roger Caron

Ed is a really great guy!!! We were stranded outside Brandon MS with a blown tire on our airstream. We called him about tires, he knew we wouldn't make it to his location before he closed so he called another dealer to check on tires for us. We made it to Forest Tires & they took care of us. Ed went out of his way to help us out. If you need tires & are ever in Meridian MS & need tires go to Ed Chaney tires!

-Lisa Russell

Great company with excellent employees and boss!!

-Kara Clark